Puppy board & train

We’ll Help You Raise Your Puppy Holistically

All of our new clients begin with a 2 hour in home Meet and Greet so we can get to know you, your puppy, and your goals. We touch on the foundations and philosophy of the training and get right to work.


Congratulations on your new puppy! All puppies are born perfect. Wondering how you can raise your puppy in a holistic way that works his drive, affection, and zest for life even in today's fast paced world? We will teach you how your puppy views the world and ways you can preserve their supple & social qualities without compromising their wild side. You can check out our blog post about Puppy Raising here. We've got you covered with this sustainable method for raising your puppy & protecting him from fear & behavioral problems. This program consists of a 4 week board and train, lessons with you and your puppy during the process, a personalized training book, and an option for follow up lessons. This board and train program sets you up for the first year of puppy life and building up your puppy’s temperament for appropriate socialization and attraction to the handler… everything you need for beginning obedience (which will come naturally through puppy games). This package is suitable for puppies younger than 1 year of age.

4 week Puppy Board and Train: $2,000

We encourage you to come for weekly complimentary lessons during your puppy’s stay with us.

Here’s what we touch on:

  • Crate Training

  • House Training

  • Decompression

  • Hikes in the Woods

  • NDT’s 5 Core Exercises

  • Preserving Your Puppy’s Natural Prey Drive

  • Healthy Coping Skills For Stress

  • Attraction and Channeling Towards the Handler

  • Proper and Healthy Socialization

  • Natural Puppy Obedience + Walking

Our Puppy Board and Train comes with a complimentary follow up lesson in your home. You also have the option to add on 5 lessons at a discounted price whenever things come up or you need assistance troubleshooting!

$300//5 lessons after your puppy’s board and train

(these don’t expire)