Rehab Board & Train

It is through traumatic experiences in a dog’s early life which instill them with unresolved emotion which we call behavioral problems. These feelings take the dog away from it's pure puppy hood and manifest themselves in PTSD behaviors from the traumatic event that hurt them, scared them, or shamed them. These behaviors that resulted from trauma are displayed through aggression and fear. Your dog has the opportunity to once again find their inner puppy and flourish with you.

All of our new clients begin with a 2 hour in home Meet and Greet so we can get to know you, your dog, and your goals. We touch on the foundations and philosophy of the training and get right to work.

Our Rehab Board and Train comes with a complimentary follow up lesson in your home and 2 lessons during your dog’s stay. We follow up the initial Board and Train with monthly lessons that suit you and your dog’s situation for support and forward momentum along this journey.

This program consists of a 4 week minimum board and train, lessons with you and your dog during the process, a personalized training book, and follow up lessons. This board and train program sets you up to begin the healing journey for your dog, stripping through layers of trauma and stress through movement and a true bond. 

Weekly Board and Train Pricing:

4 weeks :: $2,400

6 weeks :: $3,500

8 weeks :: $4,200

We encourage you to come for weekly complimentary lessons during your dog’s stay with us.

Here’s what we touch on:

  • Crate Training

  • House Training//Place Training

  • Decompression

  • Healthy Relationships with Humans & Dogs

  • Combating Addictions to Unhealthy Co-Dependency

  • Real Life Triggers - Turning Stressful Situations into Grounding, Flow, and Play

  • Hikes in the Woods for Decompression & Bonding

  • NDT’s 5 Core Exercises

  • Channeling Your Dog’s Natural Drive

  • Healthy Coping Skills For Stress

  • Attraction and Channeling Towards the Handler

  • Bringing Back The Wholeness of His Inner Puppy

  • Natural Obedience + Walking

  • Healing Trauma through Movement and Prey Drive