The beginning of a shared journey between you and your dog.

During the Behavioral Consultation, we will come to your house for a 2 hour assessment. We will have a long, honest, talk about your goals, expectations, and current strategies. Many times, it’s easy to forget that our dogs are living in an extremely unnatural world. We are expecting them to act calm, cool, and collected during high stress situations with little direction of where to put their energy. This is where we begin with helping your dog to express his natural prey drive with the handler and you as the owner… the key to helping your dog be able to raise his ability to deal with stress in a natural way. As Behavioral Consultants, we will examine the dog's behavior and give you simple tweaks that can make big differences such as leash handling skills, beginning steps to channeling your dog’s prey drive, and home setup to facilitate a healthy relationship between you and your dog. During the Behavioral Consultation, consider it an in depth Meet & Greet where we touch on the foundations of our training method to get you started. New clients start their journey here to get familiar with what would be happening during our Board and Train Program and what to expect during in-home Follow Up Lessons afterwards!

$225 // 1.5 Hour Assessment