Sammie's Story.

Blood spattered across the snow packed ground, the smell of ripping flesh filled my nose, the sounds of gurgled screams echoed in the trees, and the sight of my 2 rescue dogs tugging at each other's faces at full force put a pit of fear into my stomach. It was a grab and hold fight between my 2 terriers that took me over 7 minutes to finally break up. I had dogs with behavioral problems...specifically a fighting problem, and I needed help. Quickly.

I was directed to Kevin Behan, Founder of Natural Dog Training, to get help rehabilitating my dogs with behavioral problems. As my understanding behind this method grew, a new idea of dogs as living, breathing, emotional vessels changed my perspective. As Kevin says, "Your dog is your mirror." And while they came with their kinks in the system, they were picking up on my tension and doing whatever they could to compensate for it. They were each other's easiest targets to resolve their  (and my) deep inner stress. So, me and the dogs began to work through the deep dark stress towards resolution and got back to the roots of what the canine is.

It's hard for dogs to live in today's domesticated world. We ask you to see the dog's point of view and help the dog be a dog. Deep emotional connections are the foundation for a dog's relationship in the family.

When a dog is part of your family, that relationship should be based on a deep emotional understanding. First, establish trust, teamwork, and cooperation, and the obedience & manners will follow.

Sam Corbo