a la carte Training Packages

These packages are suitable for new rescue dogs, adult dogs, and dogs with behavioral kinks being displayed through problem behaviors. We spread all of the sessions out where you are present with your dog and us for every single lesson.

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During the Meet & Greet, we will come to your house for a 2 hour assessment. We will have a long, honest, talk about your goals, expectations, and current strategies. As Behavioral Consultants, we will examine the dog's behavior and give you simple tweaks that can make big differences such as leash handling skills, and home setup to facilitate a healthy relationship between you and your dog. During this Meet & Greet, we touch on the foundations of our training method to get you started. New clients start their journey here!

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Based on our Meet & Greet, five sessions may be everything your dog needs! Or get this package to just scratch the surface with their training and take it into the real world. Within these 75 minute lessons, we focus on teaching you and your companion how to live together using its prey drive to your advantage , and how you can use that to strengthen your bond with your dog along with healing any behavioral issues. We will also focus on the beginnings of crate training, outdoor etiquette, and fun ways of playing with your dog that actually makes them feel satisfied and give you the credit for it. This is also a great way to help small problem behaviors transform into a neutral state of mind.


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If your dog needs a little more TLC, or you'd like a more in depth explanation of the methods we are using, we offer ten lessons at a discounted rate. We will also be able to focus on any behavioral issues that may be causing problems for you & your dog. These 75 minute lessons will be sure to get to the nitty gritty of helping your dog. This is for our furry friends that just need a little time or have fear, stress, or aggression that needs a push onto the road to recovery...with lots of love & support along the way.


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For Dog in Neutral alumni! We like to think that after five or ten sessions that everything will be a-ok. But like with anything else, sometimes you need to grease the wheels or get a refresher course. We are happy to pop in for a visit, see how you are getting along with your training, and patch up any cracks in the levee.


Prices may vary based on travel time