Collars for training, function, and style

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Hide & Drink

rustic leather flat collar

Don't need the fancy designs on your sturdy flat collar? These are awesome and functional. Adjustable and simple with a rustic touch.


mendota slip collar

These slip collar are a great alternative if you don't want to use a slip lead all the time. Use one of these slip collars with your regular leash and you'll still have all the benefits of using a high collar when you need.

Country Brook Design

Martingale collar

Martingale collars are excellent if you are looking for a flat collar. We recommend using a Martingale style, so your dog cannot back-slip out of it. This brand of martingale collars is one that we use and they are sturdy.

- Herm Sprenger chain and prong collars can be purchased directly from us after your dog is more attuned to the core work and comfortable with leash pressure using a cloth lead. -