Crates: Every dog deserves a den.

We always recommend getting a crate for your dog that's enclosed and "cave-like" to give them a den and peaceful place to decompress from the stress of the world. We are proud Affiliates of Impact Dog Crates - when you shop for Impact, enter DOGINNEUTRAL for 10% off!

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Gunner KennelsĀ®

gunner kennels

Gunner Kennels are a favorite of trainers and working dogs. They are easy to put together, lifetime guaranteed, and proven to withstand dogs who formerly have broken out of crates.

impact dog crates

As proud affiliates of Impact Dog Crates, we often recommend this brand to our clients. They are lifetime guaranteed and promise safety for your dog. Enter DOGINNEUTRAL at checkout for 10% off.

Aspenpet Pet Porter

classic plastic crate

If your dog is familiar with the crate and you just need a replacement or a travel crate, check one of these out. Budget-Friendly and will get the job done if your dog already likes to chill in his crate.