Dog In Neutral
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 We go back to the roots of what satisfies your dog and the art of canine companionship. We are here to teach you the what’s and why’s of your dog’s behavior by looking through the lens of their perspective. When you work with your dog as a team for their big want, you achieve satisfaction.

What is drive?

An innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need.

Why do we use drive to train?

Drive offers the dog the ability to turn stress into flow. Stress is inevitable in the life of any living organism. Give your dog and yourself the tools to get back to neutral and feel emotionally grounded.

The bond you have with your dog is something unforgettable. In a fast-paced society where long hours of work and dogs not having a proper outlet to express their drive and desires through training with their handler is the norm.

We are here to help.

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Liberate your dog and attract their energy to you naturally.

Every dog has a primal blueprint within them: to hunt, to move, and to satisfy their drive.

When you utilize aspects within the core of each canine companion and work with those primal desires, a level of trust is developed through play, movement, and attraction.

We specialize in holistic puppy training and behavioral rehabilitation by teaching Natural Dog Training. When you build a relationship based on emotional rapport between you and your dog, you have stepped into the journey of helping them heal their trauma or aggression. You become an outlet for movement, for drive, for expression, for healing - the key to becoming a true source of attraction and grounding in your dog’s life.

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Liberate the dog. Liberate yourself.

Puppies are born perfect. It is through traumatic experiences in their early life which instill them with traumatic feelings which we call behavioral problems. These feelings take the dog away from it's pure puppyhood and manifest themselves in PTSD behaviors from the traumatic event that hurt them, scared them, or shamed them. These behaviors that resulted from trauma are displayed through aggression and fear. We see this a lot today through our work with rescue dogs.

We use Natural Dog Training’s 5 Core Exercises to build a bond between you and your dog. This gives your dog tools to cope with modern day stresses or behaviors resulting from trauma. First, we honor your dog’s drive by channeling it into objects and attraction to you, and then we use those foundations (which are innate to the dog) to work on obedience. By helping your dog move better, as a puppy would, we bring their emotional state closer to neutral. Aggression and fear are not emotions, rather they are by-products of blocked emotions & suppression. By going back to the roots of how dogs navigate through the world (movement and drive), we give them coping skills that owners can use to:

  • Create and nourish attraction to the owner

  • Have a solid sit/stay and recall

  • Maintain a happy and calm lifestyle

  • Prevent and rehabilitate unwanted behavior

  • Heal traumatic wounds and give your dog a clearer channel to his emotions and expression

Once the dog learns how to move well, we use the foundation to build upon obedience training you'd like to implement into the relationship with your dog.

We are so excited to give you this integrative & holistic method of teaching, training, playing, and bonding with your canine companion.