Let indoors be a place of complete relaxation and rest

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Furhaven Pet Products, Inc.

Orthopedic dog bed

Get a nice cozy bed for your dog to relax in between their training and adventures with you. They'll feel the chill from this bed.

K9 Ballistics

k9 ballistics chew-proof bed

Does your dog have a history of bed chewing? Try this one out - they test them on baby tigers.  The high bolster walls allow dogs to feel warm, safe, and secure in their own private den.


elevated karanda bed

We are big on having elevated spaces for your dog to chill in indoors. If they don’t yet have a “box” or an elevated space designated for their place, get one of these Kuranda beds that acts as some padding they can melt into and still have the perks of being slightly elevated. Great for practicing your collecting on.