Back Clip Harnesses

Get a sturdy back clip harness for bite work & training

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petsafe easysport back clip harness

Get a simple back clip harness for bite work to start attracting all your dog's drive back to you as the handler. We love these (they run large, FYI!). Having a tool like this is a great start to providing satisfaction for your dog within the hunt of everyday life and for long walks in the woods with a long lead for them to explore while you're working on recall!

Small Leather Back Clip Harness

We recommend these for our small dogs - they need to do bite work too! These have a felt material on the chest for padding and are adjustable in size. This specific product runs from extra small to medium.

dean & Tyler harness

Looking for something extra sturdy for your larger dog? If you have a strong dog with a lot of drive, get one of these harnesses. Not only will they look awesome, but they will provide extra support during bite work to help your dog feel great.