We recommend the following leashes for quality, safety, and efficient handling. 

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Signature K9

signature k9 leather leash

Also a great leash, we personally use these as well! Great for training in the yard or going for walks around town... and if you are having trouble walking your dog, give us a call - we will help with some leash handling. With practice, you'll get there!

Mendota Products

mendota slip leads

We use slip leads for an easy walk around town and for puppies and dogs just starting out with our training. It's a nice fit for your dog and good in any scenario - you can adjust the collar of this lead to make it high and keep it movin'. We always keep an extra one around in a pinch. You can get the thick style or the thin style - your preference! If you have a small or young dog, go with the thinner one.


mendota 20' long lead

We love this long lead for hide and seek and walks in the woods. This 20 foot lead will be sure to equip you for your adventures with room for your dog to explore.

Vaun Duffy Products

the leather double handle leash

This leash is awesome because it has two handles! You can use the lower handle for an easier time getting a high collar in high traffic areas to keep the movement going with you. Two handles may be up your alley to start feeling more confident in handling along with getting lessons.