Canine Core Foundations - 6 Week Online Program

Canine Core Foundations - 6 Week Online Program


In this 6 week program, We'll give you the foundations of Holistic Dog Training to captivate your dog’s drive into an unforgettable bond and trusting relationship. In this interactive program, you will get explanations, live presentations, tutorials, and answers to help you be the center of your dog's universe! We begin September 20th!

All dogs can be part of a successful and social team if you tap into their primal desire to: Hunt and Connect. Using their prey drive, you will create a lasting bond with your dog that not only heals old wounds, but creates new channels for social behavior. From this foundation we “teach” the dog obedience. However, obedience doesn’t come from following commands, it comes from the dog feeling in sync with his/her handler.

This Program Includes:

  • Foundational training exercises to help your dog express their prey drive WITH you

  • Live presentation on prey drive and using movement to train your dog

  • Live presentations about dog body language 

  • Live calls to help you see the world from your dog's perspective

  • The 4-1-1 on what prey drive is and how to channel it

  • How to solve specific problem behaviors

  • 1-on-1 support from multiple trainers

  • Journal prompts so you can dive deeper into the relationship between you & your dog

  • The beginnings of shaping prey drive into obedience - and WHEN to do so

  • How to train your dog through a holistic training lens

  • Live Q & A's

  • A complimentary 1:1 phone consultation after the program

    *This program takes place on Facebook in a Secret Group. You will have access to the program for life!* YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE THERE LIVE FOR ALL OF THE PRESENTATIONS AS THEY ARE RECORDED AND ABLE TO BE REPLAYED AT YOUR CONVENIENCE!

PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE. Just email us here to set one up :)

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