Thank you Sam and Sammie. You have saved Theo and our family!

When your family pet comes to you as a rescue, you can never be sure what they have experienced before coming to you. Theo came to us after two years in another home that was obviously not ideal for a pet, followed by six weeks in a notorious "kill" shelter. We knew that he was lovable and sweet, but there were times he could not control the fears and behaviors that were sometimes triggered by the experiences he had prior to coming to us. Sudden loud noises and crowds could trigger behaviors such as biting and extreme defensiveness. One of our children stopped inviting his friends over as a result.

When we spoke to experts who worked with dogs, we were typically complimented for taking a pet that others would not. But we were not looking for compliments, we wanted to find a way to help Theo to deal with the triggers in a better way, to bring more order into our home, and to give us confidence that Theo would no longer react poorly when circumstances caused him to fear.

Eventually, we heard about Sam and Sammie and Dog In Neutral. From the first time we spoke with them, we felt confident that they could help us. At their first meeting with us and Theo, they were compassionate, firm and obviously very knowledgeable about dogs and how they think, feel and behave. And to make things easier for us, they were even able to inject some humor and levity into the whole process.

After a month of working with him, we now enjoy Theo's sweetness and joy without the fear that he will snap as he sometimes did before. He is centered and focused in a way that we didn't know was possible. He is a happy, playful and more independent dog. And Sam and Sammie continue to check in regularly and provide continued support.

Thank you Sam and Sammie. You have saved Theo and our family! (IG - Maplewood, NJ)

Sam Corbo