Dog In Neutral
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the dog in neutral membership program


When you’re feeling committed to invest in your dog’s perspective for the long run to train and address PTSD within your dog, we are here alongside you to make that happen.

We have created this on-going membership program to help dogs specifically struggling with trauma and aggression. Some may see changes they are happy with just after one month of work, while others will want to stay in it for the long run. That’s up to you! Before you begin our membership program, we set up an initial Meet and Greet with you to fill you in on the training and address what specifically is going on with your dog… and how we can help you and your dog feel good.

Month One


We’ve structured our program to begin with helping you to understand the Natural Dog Training methodology while channeling your dog’s energy back to you in order to jump start your dog’s trusting relationship with you. Much of month one’s work is done with your dog and us, while giving you instructions, follow through, milestones, and core exercises you can practice when it’s just you and your dog. For many of you commuting to the city or daily to work, we’ve got you covered. Drop the guilt you may feel when you leave for the day and know that we are here to help your dog learn coping skills and address their trauma compassionately for whatever their problem behavior may be.

Your first month includes unlimited training sessions for your dog(s). Not home very often? That isn’t a problem to help your dog get back to neutral. We will work your dog and train them when you’re away from home and video tape the sessions to show you their milestones and give you the protocol and tools to start practicing.

Your first month includes:

  • Teaching you the indoor versus outdoor protocol

  • Working through NDT’s 5 Core Exercises at our house or yours

  • Beginning recall and games to channel your dog’s attraction to the handler

  • Working through behavioral kinks and aggression through rehab (if needed) and returning back to your dog’s inner puppy

  • Crate Training

  • Improving social skills with people and dogs

  • Shaping obedience once your dog’s drive is channeled to the handler

Month One Pricing: $1,000

 Month two


 The up front work during the first month is designed to get your dog’s energy and movement channeled to the handler to prep you for success. We want you to be able to handle your dog in real life scenarios with one weekly lesson and discounted enrichment walks.

Your 2nd month includes the following:

  • 4 in person lessons with you, your dog, and us

  • Building partnership and trust with you and your dog

  • Discounted enrichment & training walks at $18/walk where we continue to raise your dog’s threshold for stress turning what used to be stressful situations into flow states connecting to the handler

Month Two Pricing: $250

 month 3 and beyond


Month 3 gets you to Alumni Status. Enjoy the perks, stay active in the community, and schedule a tune up lesson when you need to.

Alumni Status includes:

  • $50 follow up lessons

  • Discounted enrichment and training walks $18/walk

  • Unlimited access our online support group (after month 2, all members stay in our online support group free of charge)

  • 10% off boarding prices

  • 10% off all upcoming 2019 online courses

Enjoy all the perks of Alumni while you dive deeper into liberating your dog from their past trauma.

Prices may vary due to travel time