Sam Corbo

I did not grow up a dog person, I had to learn to be one. I got my first rescue dog, Cisco, in Chicago. Soon, after moving to New Jersey, Sunshine, a senior rescue came into my life -- then Bullet, in Vermont. The behavioral issues, and fighting, soon followed and I was completely clueless. 

I was lucky enough to have found Natural Dog training and have since apprenticed with Kevin Behan, the creator of NDT, at his farm in Newfane, VT. After going there, having a life changing apprenticeship and continually working with my dogs, I can say I am now a dog person.

I am also happy to report that our dogs no longer fight, they play.



Sammie swan

Like many folks who work with dogs for a living, I grew up surrounded by animals and wanted to work specifically with dogs since the 2nd grade. By age 12, I was dog sitting for neighborhood families, and successfully ran my own dog walking company throughout college in the city streets of Chicago working with your happy-go-lucky chihuahua to your full grown bull mastiff. I discovered Natural Dog Training in 2016 when two of my dogs were fighting each other. The method just worked for me and I've since made it my mission to make NDT as wide spread as other leading dog training methods.

I've completed two apprenticeships: Benjamin Draper (Wild Heart Dog Training based in Birmingham, Alabama) and Kevin Behan, the Founder of Natural Dog Training in Newfane, Vermont. Through NDT, I was fortunate to work with some of the most aggressive dogs I have ever met to assist them along their healing journey back to "emotional neutral".

I love practicing and teaching yoga, as well, so the method worked for me because of its holistic approach; rehabilitating the dog's preyful and predatory sides to achieve emotional balance.